She was born in San Miguel de Tucumán on July 23, 2009 and brings in her voice a cultural heritage, since her parents, folklore dancers and musicians met through this profession and formed a family. Her grandparents, who owned an art teacher training school and her aunt Marita Castillo, won the 1986 Cosquin as a soloist singer.

In a Casting held by ideas from the south, Constanza and her parents performed for the Argentiniño show being selected almost immediately wherein two days were in the studios recording for the show with a wonderful acceptance of the jury and the producers.

In August of 2016, Constanza was selected among 5 children from all over the country by the producers Marcelo Tinelli to open up to the rhythm of folklore on the dance floor of the ShowMatch, where the small girl, previous selfie with Marcelo, and accompanied by her father on the guitar and her mother in the bass drum, took possession of the microphone and paid homage to her homeland.

Constanza was a trend in social networks and sang alongside Soledad Pastotrutti in the show and performed once more on the following da personally invited by the host, where she sang alongside Jorge Rojas.

With the contribution of Mayor Javier Noguera, Contanza arrived in Buenos Aires and at the showmatch program with a Tucumano poncho in her hands that forced the host to look and scored 43 Rating points. Then it was named as the “Nena that revolutionized the dance floor” and after that lines from the country’s newspapers Said she was the future Mercedes Sosa or Soledad Pastorutti.

Constanza, takes piano, singing, classical and folk dances lessons to the point that today with its 7 years amazes everyone with her creative capacity.

In the local order, in the gaucho embrace, an event realized by the bicentennial of the mother country, in the doors of the Historic House and in front of spectators and television media from the all over the country, Constanza sang her version of the garden of the republic captivating the present audience with her voice , and then it was time to decide which path to follow.

She repeatedly visited the province of Buenos Aires and also arrived at the Peña de Morfi show on TELEFE, with the host Gerardo Rozin where she was named as the revelation voice of Argentine folklore.

Conti was named in her province as Cultural Ambassador, Outstanding Artist of the Bicentennial of the Homeland, was awarded the Menhir prize as a revelation artist chosen by the Tucumano public, received the Chichi Costello Prize awarded by the Secretary of Cultures of the city of Tafi Viejo , Arch of Cordoba among others …

She recorded her first album “CARNAVAL DE LOS NIÑOS”.

She recorded her first video produced by Prismal with the song which´s name is the same as the alnum and was mentioned in all medias.

Such is the acceptance that for the first birthday of the bicentenary she recorded her version of the Argentinean National Anthem with different folk rhythms and made her second video produced by M & C, producer magaged by her father, which two days after its release had more than 170,000 visits.

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