My name is Jonielle de Oliveira Andrade, and I’m 16 years old. I am in the south of Bahia, in the city of Uruçuca, due to the fact that I am taking a technical course in computer sciences integrated with high school at the Federal Institute of Education Science and Technology of Bahia.

However, I come from the City of Ubaitaba, also in the south of Bahia, I made the workshop provided by the campus because I identified to the art. I use my artistic techniques most of the time to express what I feel or have felt, in this way it has relieved me from a suffering or I expose my euphoria, I am in first year of high school seeking to succeed in life and make my parents proud, I am not from an extremely poor family but I am also not from a family with high economic status.

Well I like to practice physical exercises in specific martial arts training, at the moment I am practicing muay thai and I hope to continue in a productive way, not only in muay thai but in all possible areas.