Natural from Viana, Province of Luanda. Born on August 10th, 1996.

He had a taste for drawing from an early age, began to take his first traces with his older brother David Selele, and in 2009 he began to take classes in artistic drawing with the Plastic Artist Evadilson José Ferreira.

In 2010, he started attending the Atelier Celamar, where he learned from renowned artists such as Eduardo Vueza, Zeca Lucombo, Paulo Kussy, Marcela Costa, José Jão, João Jorge, Alves Manuel, Armando Scoot and Aristoteles Sanza André, until the year 2013. In the same year he studied Civil Construction in high school in the area of ​​project design.

In 2015 he joined the middle school of Plastic Arts (CEARTE) Complexo das Escolar de Artes.

Member of BJAP (Youth Brigade of Plastic Artists).

Artistic Director of the project the Marathon of the Artists.

Member of the Project Arts Notebook in the School Project.


Faces and Traces at the Tamar Golan Gallery, in Luanda-Angola 2017.


Coopearte, September 2011, 2012 and 2013 at Galeria Celamar in Luanda.

Youth Dynamics, April 2014 at UNAP (National Union of Plastic Artists) Luanda.

Angolan plasticizes (in allusion to the Fenacult), August 2014 in the big Tent of the Bay of Luanda.

Joining young people 1st edition, December 2015 at (National Union of Plastic Arts) Luanda.

Joining young people 2nd edition, April 2016 at (National Union of Plastic Arts) Luanda.

Marathon of the artists 1st and 2nd edition, in the Bay of Luanda in 2015.

4th extraordinary MPLA Congress, November 2014 at the CCTA (Talatona Convent Center), Luanda.

Women united in the development of Angola, March 2016 at the MAAN (Memorial Dr. Agostinho Neto), Luanda.

Painting of the Mural do Rocha Pinto, Luanda 2016. June.

Marathon of the artists 3 edition, September 2016 at the CCBA (Brazil-Angola Cultural Center) Luanda.

Expo Angola 41 years, December 2016 in (National Union of Plastic Arts) Luanda.


France, Cape Verde, Portugal, Germany and Israel.