Hugo Sérgio Alves Rondon is Brazilian, natural from the city of Niteroi in the state of Rio de Janeiro and with just 8 years of age, is a great enterpreneuer. He is the creator of this portal, Universo Art Kids. For having the desire to show his art to the world and also wishing to sell them, He had this great Idea which Will benefit many other children and Young people. Myself as his mother, decided to put his Idea to practice. Hugo Sérgio made me see and understand, that it was really unfair that children and teenagers could not make their art known and have market value. He is a boy of great faith in God, prays every day before bed, he is very affectionate but also very stubborn, has a discernment on certain subjects that are quite mature and at the same time has the purity that corresponds to his age. Nowadays he lives in Argentina, speaks his native language Portuguese, Spanish and studies English.

Hugo Sergio loves music and one of his favorite hobbies is playing the piano

Because of that he is auctioning his works of art on the internet, to collect money and buy a piano. We support the initiative because we understand that work dignifies the soul and it is good for him to assimilate this from an early age.

He has Already sold 2 paintings on a Facebook auction, his reaction to his sales and praises gotten on the internet was very beautiful: a feeling of happiness and that he can surely master this world of creation and the certainty that what he has created and still creates is admired by people.