Art Kids Universe – World Project It is a gateway for disseminating child and youth art. For both, present the Project “World”.

Headquartered in Argentina and from this year, with a branch in Rio de Janeiro, The portal was created by Hugo Sérgio, only, 8 years old.

The Project:

On 06/04 It will open the exhibition Brazilian joy which belongs to the World Projectwhich this year honors Brasil, no CCBA cultural center of the Embassy of Brazil in Buenos AiresThe exhibition will travel to Chile, Angola, Brazil and other countries that still confirm participation. It will always be held in cultural centers of Brazil Embassies, during 2018.

Each year a country is honored, and exhibitions traveling the world, They will be held in the Cultural Centers of the embassies of the countries concerned.

The difference is that the Universe Art Kids take copies of artists’ works of art, from 5 up to 21 years. So, participants will not need to travel and so, will see the inauguration and exhibited his works at all apertures, through Facebook Live, may also, comment and join the party even from a distance.

who participates?

All artists of all countries. To participate, you need to make your application via and, then send a photo of the work so we can arrange the pictures. As the drawing or painting must have the pattern 50 x 50.

Project’s goal

It is to make a cultural exchange between future artists, in the range of 5 a 21 years, several art schools, workshops and colleges. Participants will have to research the Culture from the country honored and paint the chosen theme. In 2018, the chosen theme is: “Brazilian joy”. (where it comes from Brazil’s joy so famous worldwide?)

World project It aims to give the opportunity not only to future artists to showcase their talent in the world, and the same receiving certificate of participation and already can build an international curriculum early, besides making an exchange between schools, Art and Ateliers teachers who can expand their business and add value to what we already do.

Universe Art Kids

We hit the market to encourage schools and art courses to promote their students and take the drawer drawings and paintings that had no destination. We arrived to support and give value to our young and upcoming artists at what they do. And, also, grow the names of schools, courses and workshops in other countries.

in addition to the World Design Exhibition, everyone is invited to join the portal, free of charge, since you have to 3 a 21 years.

Here are exhibition partners Name 06 / 04 in Buenos Aires:

Tempero Carioca is a sponsor of Super Cocktail that is supporting the Universe Art Kids, in the exhibition, Brasileiro joya, leading our culinary cultureAndrea MartinsIt is the founding partner of the Buffet.

We have workshops participants:

1) Atelier de Manaus, Teacher and artist Rejane Melo, who will participate in taking works 10 Brazilian artists.

2) Sun Art Space da Soledad Calabrese, artist and responsible for Pallets NGO LifeThe NGO promoting auction events with renowned artists in Argentina and with the collection of these auctions, buy testing machines for children’s hospitals and other.

3) studio EstelArte. Estela is a teacher who simply, auction events. It is a pioneer in supporting Universe Art Kids.

Registration for participating in the exhibition are still open and until day 01/04/2018They may be sending info@universoartkids.comphotos of drawings or paintings done on the exhibition themeIf a studio wants to participate, the same should contact quickly, Buana via whatsaap da Lima: +5521976163304.

As a special presentation, will Sofia Laciuk of 11 years, to sing a song typically dressed BrazilianSofia Laciuk He lives in Buenos Aires and is the daughter of an Argentine diplomat and a Brazilian mother.

We hope that many workshops and schools will be part of the Universe Art Kids and family to come join our exhibitions worldwide.

At workshops and schools, we inform you that we are offering an advertising space on our portal, for free. Just send a banner with a link to the portal visitors can access and make direct contact with your site.

Link: / We are Company of Commercial Representation, that promotes the Fine Arts Market, through the Disclosure and Trading of ArtWorks by our channels.

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