We are “Universo Art Kids”, a new portal for the dissemination of art for children and adolescents from 3 to 21 years old.

How did it born? The portal was born through the idea of ​​an 8 year old boy, Hugo Sergio Alves Rondón, attending to his request and finding very fair his arguments of wanting to have the right to exhibit and also to be able to sell his works. We went to the battlefield to make this desire come true, not only his own, but also of all those who feel the same, who have a lot of talent to show, but no place where they actually believe in them enough to see them as professionals.

Importance of the project? Art is important in the life of the human being, because it collaborates not only in its creative and expressive development, but also, it strengthens the relationship with oneself, acting directly on their self-esteem. The person who creates, when he perceives that what he created is the object of admiration for others, is not only transmitting a message, he also receives a better one, as he is capable and can do it! Creating something is conquering your space in a unique way.

The “Universo Art Kids” portal is a useful and necessary tool to give continuity to this whole process. We have seen throughout our work with art, that many talented children and young people have remained with their artistic history pending and even forgotten in half way through, for the lack of an opportunity truly committed to the art of these artists. Projects that include children and adolescents have time to start and end, and then, everything get stall and with that, their dreams of being able to sell their art and make it recognized, it also get frustrated and forgotten.

How will we work? What we will do is support them, making them being seen with a professional look. We will work on a continuous process of dissemination of their art through all countries, and we will be promoting cultural movements in our UAK exhibition hall.

We will insistently present all the talents we have, and we will make important linkage between the artist and marketers, curators, investors, collectors, producers, publishers, etc.

We are the bridge, a promoter for children and adolescents to achieve their goals. We will not make sales of any material on the portal and will not earn commissions if a sale is made through our website. But we will be opening the opportunity for the works to be viewed, admired, contacted and sold directly by those responsible for artists, whether parents, tutors or institutions. “Universo Art Kids” will work and display all images only with the authorization and documented signature of a responsible person.

We want everyone to be part of this story. All artistic expression is welcome. The doors are open, not only for families, but also for schools or art workshops, educational institutions, foundations and all those who have an affinity with art and want their work to be divulged.

Buana Lima / Plastic Artist                                     Marcos E. Ozán / Graphic Designer

Director                                                                       Director