A summary of what was a SUCCESSFUL exhibition of UNIVERSO ART KIDS.

The event was a mix of awesome people, in a good mood, parents satisfied by the achievement of their children and the exhibitors extremely satisfied with their participation in the 1st exhibition of children and teenagers. Those who were present could appreciate the talented works that gave a true show of creativity and colors, soft background music of the violinist Andrea who gave a special glow to the night, the meal was a ten! The live painting of the children of UAK gave as a result a beautiful canvas with a creative mixture, which will be used in other Universe events.

International teen artists from Brazil, Angola, Colombia, Chile and Japan who took part of the show could see it live through Facebook. The fact of having exhibited the works of the children who are part of the Art Kids Universe family, and who live in other countries, was a very important step for each of them that today will have in their curriculum their first participation in an international exhibition, with the right to receive a certificate for it. Their gratitude was infinite and our joy is inexplicably immense!

Universo Art Kids will soon be calling for the next exhibitions. Be aware!
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